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Nhân Viên Marketing (Thị Trường Tiếng Pháp) Hà Nội 8 Tr - 12 Tr VND 18-10-2019
Tư vấn tour Inbound Tiếng Bồ Đào Nha (Mới) Hà Nội 7 Tr - 10 Tr VND 17-10-2019
Nhân Viên SEO Hà Nội 8 Tr - 10 Tr VND 12-10-2019
Nhân viên Sales & Marketing - Tiếng Hàn Hà Nội 8 Tr - 15 Tr VND 12-10-2019
Nhân Viên Marketing - Tiếng Bồ Đào Nha Hà Nội 7 Tr - 12 Tr VND 12-10-2019
Thực tập sinh: Tư vấn tour Tiếng Trung Hà Nội Cạnh tranh 07-10-2019
Chuyên viên Chăm sóc khách hàng - Tiếng Anh Hà Nội 7 Tr - 10 Tr VND 06-10-2019
Nhân Viên Sales & Marketing (Tiếng Trung) Hà Nội 7 Tr - 12 Tr VND 05-10-2019
Nhân Viên Marketing (Thị Trường Tiếng Tây Ban Nha) Hà Nội 7 Tr - 12 Tr VND 05-10-2019
Nhân viên điều hành tour (Việc làm mới nhất) Hà Nội 7 Tr - 12 Tr VND 04-10-2019
Nhân Viên SEO Hà Nội 7 Tr - 12 Tr VND 18-09-2019

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Asiatica Travel is a local tour operator established in 2001 with headquarter in Hanoi, representative offices in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and a dynamic multinational team of dedicated employees and guides who represent us on every trail of Indochina.

We specialize in Customize Tour around Indochina region for travelers who coming from France, Italia, German, Spain, English. The company is well – known for customer services, off the beaten track tour programs, strong sale forces and dedicated service operator.

We are moving to new age of development and especially need qualified candidates to join in our team.


Asiatica is always looking for recruiting and retaining exceptional talents, developing its strategic network, and unleashing its combined power in Southeast Asia tourism industry.
Our team consists of highly talented professionals with a diverse background in terms of culture and discipline. We offer many opportunities for personal development and career growth.
If you love traveling and want to work in a challenging and dynamic environment, join one of our offices.

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