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Mingle Ltd., has helped people connect for over 20 years and does not plan to stop anytime soon. Mingle connected people through the years through various web and mobile consumer applications. We are a small and experienced group of professionals originally based out of San Francisco, CA, and have established a second home in Saigon, Vietnam in 2014 and is now looking to expand in all parts of Southeast Asia.

With the core team having over 20 years of experience in the business and having successfully created several companies, this iteration of Mingle is ready to explore and innovate into unknown territory by creating the next mobile community platform that will help people connect unlike ever before.

We are looking for the right individuals that can join this family and help create something magical through honesty, hard-work, and the will to overcome all obstacles that lie ahead.

Thông điệp từ MINGLE., LTD

Mingle is a group of individuals who feel like we have an opportunity to create something special on building a platform to help people connect, and we do it with a dynamic work environment that promotes honesty, hard-work, and strong will. However, we also know that we can't be so serious in the work environment. We must enjoy each other and be a team and a family in order to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead for the company. Getting the work done on-time with quality is the priority, but everyone should enjoy the journey we are all taking while we explore and discover the unknown... together. 

We also go out as a team often for dinners and team building activities such as paintballing, bowling, or whatever the team feels like doing at the time. 

Interested and want to know more? Apply and see what awaits!

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