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Bình Dương

  • Lương

    Cạnh tranh

  • Kinh nghiệm

    3 - 7 Năm

  • Cấp bậc

    Trưởng nhóm / Giám sát

  • Hết hạn nộp


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  • Chế độ bảo hiểm
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  • Xe đưa đón
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  • Chăm sóc sức khỏe
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Mô tả Công việc

Chemical Quality Test Specialist is responsible for ensuring the quality and suitability of chemicals received for use in the dyeing/finishing or related processes of the dyeing mill. This role involves conducting rigorous testing and analysis of incoming chemical materials to ensure they meet quality standards, regulatory requirements, and specifications set forth by the mill.

  • Chemical Sampling: Collect samples of incoming chemical materials in accordance with established sampling procedures;
  • Quality Testing: Perform a variety of chemical tests and analyses on incoming materials;
  • Data Analysis: Accurately record and interpret test results, maintaining detailed documentation of all testing activities, observations, and findings;
  • Problem Identification: Identify any discrepancies or deviations in test results and promptly report them to management for further investigation and resolution
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements, safety protocols, and environmental regulations governing the handling and use of chemical materials;
  • Process Improvement: Participate in continuous improvement initiatives to improve the efficiency, performance and reliability of chemical testing processes and procedures. At the same time, cooperate with laboratories and dyeing & finishing depts to research new chemicals to save costs, energy, environmental protection;
  • Training and Development: Stay updated on advancements in chemical testing techniques, technologies, and industry best practices through ongoing training and professional development activities;
  • Equipment Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test results, and report any equipment malfunctions or deficiencies for timely repair or replacement.

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

  • Education: University, major: Textile Engineering, Chemical Engineering or a related field;
  • Experience: Over 3 years's experience in chemical testing and analysis, preferably in a textile manufacturing or dyeing environment;
  • Language: Fluency in English, Mandarin is a plus; 
  • Knowledge: Chemical testing methodologies, instrumentation, and laboratory procedures;
  • Skills: Collaboration, communications and influencing, decision making and problem solving.

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  • Lương: Cạnh tranh
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