VRG DongWha MDF Joint Stock Company

Địa điểm: Lô G4, KCN Minh Hưng 3, Chơn Thành

Qui mô công ty: 220+Loại hình hoạt động: Cổ phầnWebsite: www.vrgdongwha.com

Việc làm đang tuyển (10)

Vị trí / Chức danh Tỉnh/Thành phố Mức lương Ngày cập nhật
Nhân Viên Vận Hành Xưởng Hóa Chất (Resin, Formalin) (Mới) Bình Phước Cạnh tranh 23-05-2017
Mechanic Engineering/ Chuyên Viên Bảo Trì Bình Phước 17 Tr - 25 Tr VND 17-05-2017
Safety Staff/ Nhân Viên An Toàn Bình Phước 12 Tr - 15 Tr VND 22-05-2017
Process Innovator Associate/ Chuyên Viên Cải Tiến Bình Phước 15 Tr - 20 Tr VND 17-05-2017
Financial Analyst Associate/ Chuyên Viên Phân Tích Tài Chính Bình Phước 25 Tr - 30 Tr VND 10-05-2017
Legal Associate/ Chuyên Viên Pháp Lý Bình Phước, Hồ Chí Minh 25 Tr - 30 Tr VND 10-05-2017
GA Associate/ Chuyên Viên Tổng Vụ Bình Phước, Bình Dương 15 Tr - 17 Tr VND 22-05-2017
Marketing Management Staff Hồ Chí Minh 1,5 Tr - 18 Tr VND 30-04-2017
Sales Executive (Speaking Chinese - Mandarin) Hồ Chí Minh 25 Tr - 30 Tr VND 30-04-2017
Human Resource Manager Bình Phước 35 Tr - 60 Tr VND 25-04-2017

Giới thiệu về công ty

VRG Dongwha MDF Joint Stock Company was established in 2008 by a joint venture between Vietnam Rubber Group (Vietnam) and Dongwha International (Korean) which is located in Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam in a 39 hectares area.  We are leading in MDF (Medium Density Fireboard), HDF (High Density Fireboard) manufacture of which products will be supplied to make all kind of indoor furniture and Formaline, Resin.


MDF Plant is the largest and most modern MDF/HDF plant in Asia, equipped with advanced environmental-friendly technology and modern facilities from Germany, Sweden and Finland officially operated in 2012. Under the management and supervision of Dongwha experienced foreign and local experts, our products can meet any qualifications demanded in wood panel products. Optimizing customer’s satisfaction is our top priority.

Human resources is always a key factor determining the greatest success for the business. VRG Dongwha always respects the contribution of all employees to the overall success, no matter who are they or in any position. We are always delighted to welcome the candidates come to VRG Dongwha by their talent, wisdom, virtue and passion for work.


** Please apply CV in English only 

** Only qualified candidates will be shortly selected for interview.

Thông điệp từ VRG DongWha MDF Joint Stock Company

- VRG Dongwha MDF  always considers  5 core values of happiness, trust, respect talent, change - innovation and integrity as our philosophy of business and personnel operation activities, each of VRG Dongwha staff is multidimensional striving  to build a professional and developed working environment.

- CAREER OPPORTUNITY: In 2016 - 2017, a new second manufacturing line will be constructed to expand the demand of production and business. VRG Dongwha MDF JSC shall have a big demand in human resources with the increased labors being nearly100 brightest employees. This is definitely a precious career opportunity for potential job seekers in operation production, mechanical filed, electrical field, quality assurance, chemical production,.. Please prepare well your performance and competence and apply for us from now.


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