Bunge -VietNam Agribusiness Limited

Địa điểm: KCN Phú Mỹ 1, Thị trấn Phú Mỹ, BR-VT

Qui mô công ty: 100-499Loại hình hoạt động: 100% vốn nước ngoàiWebsite: https://www.bunge.com/

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Bunge- VietNam Agribusiness Limited brings food from where it is grown to where it is needed, whether it comes from close to home or thousands of miles away. We partner with farmers to help them produce larger and better harvests.VietNam Agribusiness Limitedhelps farmers grow more crops. We transport and process agricultural commodities efficiently and safely. And we create high-quality food products enjoyed by people worldwide.

Founded in 1818, Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations that circle the globe, stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf. The world is our market – six billion people and counting. VietNam Agribusiness Limited's over 35,000 employees in over 35 countries are dedicated to improving the global agribusiness and food production chain.

VietNam Agribusiness Limited Vietnam has commenced construction within the Phu My Port complex of a $100 million integrated soybean processing plant, the first of its kind in Vietnam. The facility will have soybean crushing and multi-oil refining/bottling capabilities with 3500-tons-per-day crushing line with related flat and vertical storage for raw materials and end products. Since 1st December 2016, Bunge Vietnam changed name to Vietnam Agribusiness Limited.

The plant locates on ten hectares within the Phu My 1 Industrial zone in the Tan Thanh district, approximately 70 kilometers southeast of Ho Chi Minh City on the Thi Vai River. The site is adjacent to the Baria Serece Phu My Port in which VietNam Agribusiness Limited shares ownership. The rapidly developing area houses significant feed milling and oil refining operations that form the foundation of the plant's prospective customer base.

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