Friwo Vietnam Co., Ltd

Địa điểm: Lô 240, Đường số 12, KCN Amata, TP Biên Hòa, Tỉnh Đồng Nai

Qui mô công ty: 1000-2000Loại hình hoạt động: Trách nhiệm hữu hạnWebsite:


Việc làm đang tuyển (14)

Vị trí / Chức danh Tỉnh/Thành phố Mức lương Ngày cập nhật
Hardware Engineer Hồ Chí Minh 15,4 Tr - 33 Tr VND 17-01-2020
Receptionist (Fresher) Đồng Nai 6 Tr - 8 Tr VND 17-01-2020
Kỹ Sư Bảo Trì Máy Ép Nhựa Đồng Nai Cạnh tranh 16-01-2020
Document Controller Đồng Nai 6 Tr - 8 Tr VND 16-01-2020
Procurement Assistant Đồng Nai 8,8 Tr - 17,6 Tr VND 15-01-2020
R&D Documentation Staff Hồ Chí Minh 7,7 Tr - 9,9 Tr VND 14-01-2020
PCB Design Engineer Hồ Chí Minh 17,6 Tr - 33 Tr VND 14-01-2020
Mechanical Design Engineer Hồ Chí Minh 15,4 Tr - 22 Tr VND 14-01-2020
IT Staff Đồng Nai 8,8 Tr - 17,6 Tr VND 11-01-2020
Complaint Handling Officer (Electronic) Đồng Nai 8,8 Tr - 15,4 Tr VND 08-01-2020
Nhân Viên Thu Mua Đồng Nai 6 Tr - 9 Tr VND 06-01-2020
R&D Support Technician Hồ Chí Minh 6,6 Tr - 8,8 Tr VND 03-01-2020
Quality Laboratory Technician Đồng Nai 7 Tr - 10 Tr VND 28-12-2019
Process Engineer Đồng Nai 8,8 Tr - 15,4 Tr VND 20-12-2019

Giới thiệu về công ty

The FRIWO Equipment Manufacturing GmbH is a German Company, which was founded in 1971 in Ostbevern, Germany. The brand identity is linked to the development of the world's first plugin power supply in the same year and to the subsequent breakthrough of this technology. Today the FRIWO brand stands worldwide for high quality power supply and charging equipment. FRIWO develops, manufactures and markets power supply and charging devices that are designed to meet the very wide range of technical and country specific requirements. In addition to this FRIWO assists as an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) for various exclusive companies, hereunder German car manufactures. Friwo Vietnam has been set up in Jun 2015 and locates at Amata industrial zone. We are looking for the first key members of Friwo Vietnam.

  • The FRIWO career portal

We achieve a great deal of things as a global supplier of high quality power supplies. But to be successful, we need particularly skilled and motivated workers. Already in the training stage, they assume responsibility in business procedures, get a taste of different areas and learn to focus on their strengths and expand them. But additionally, we attach importance to both the professional development of our staff, for example through the continuous promotion of further training and development programs, as well as to their personal development. Our goal is to fill vacant leadership positions from within the company as often as possible.

Whether you would like to begin your career with us after leaving school, have shortly completed your studies or already have the professional experience required – at FRIWO you can expect new professional challenges in an environment where innovation plays a major role. We look forward to your application!

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