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Being an expert in the industry and understanding the mentioned environmental problem, Nanochem has become the pioneer in manufacturing water-based wood coatings and UV in Vietnam. Within 10 years of our business since establishment, we have always achieved in providing our esteemed clients with the most updated technology under our keen motto “Safety and prosperity for customers and employees” Applying German technology and Nano technology, our Nanochem products have been used very effectively in Vietnam. Especially in 2013, Nanochem marked its milestone in successfully introducing Water-based Electrostatic Wood Coatings. Nanochem has also invested in R&D (Research & Development) by building our laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced specialists, aiming to do research and develop the products that are even compatible with the very harsh climate in Vietnam, especially in the North Vietnam. Our materials are imported from Europe and the United State, ensuring high-quality and consistent products for clients. Located in Vietnam, Nanochem is able to make delivery to clients just within five business working days. With diversified execution coating methods, cost savings and long-lasting quality, we are pleased to have served world-renowned clients like IKEA, MGB, Habufa, Scancom… Our Nanochem’s Water-based Wood Paints at present accounts for about 80 percent of IKEA’s usage within Vietnam’s market.

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