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Takashimaya Vietnam

Takashimaya Vietnam

Địa điểm

92-94 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh

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  • Qui mô công ty: 25-99

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Since its founding as a used clothing store in Kyoto in 1831, Takashimaya has continued to tackle innovative approaches both within Japan and overseas, providing new values for each era's customers and society. Our history of constant innovation over 180 years remains our company's tradition, and forms our DNA.


At present, Takashimaya has 20 department stores in Japan, with three more in Singapore, Shanghai, and Taipei. With these as our core, our Group carries out a range of businesses that include development and contract & design. Our developer business in particular is positioned as our second core business, after department stores, with active promotion of shopping centers (SC) both in Japan and overseas, with a focus on Toshin Development, one of our Group companies. We are promoting overseas strategies along the two axes of China and ASEAN as venues for further growth, and we are moving ahead with our plan to open a store in Vietnam in 2016.


Our company has categorized and organized art and historical materials dating back to its foundation, which are held in the Takashimaya Historical Museum in Osaka. We call these materials the Takashimaya Archives, and view them as a management resource, and in this rapidly-changing age, in accordance with the phrase "onko-chishin," or "learning from the past," we share our basic values such as the Spirit of Challenge and Customers First, promoting the use of the Takashimaya Archives in future management and business activities.

The Takashimaya Group desires to provide new value based on the spirit of tradition and innovation to all.


Management Philosophy of Takashimaya Group

"Putting People First"

The Takashimaya Group contributes to society by valuing the spirit of believing in people, loving people, and serving people.



Service that remains in within the heart

Creation of new lifestyles and cultures that open up the future

Contributing to creating vibrant local communities

Unceasing efforts to protect the global environment

Activities trusted by the community.


Corporate Message

"New Yet Unchanging"

We can renew ourselves because of our tradition. We shall maintain our soothing values rooted in the era.

To retain unchanged that which we wish to keep, but be flexible enough to change with the times.


Our heartfelt services remains unchangeable as we discover what we must change in order to please our customers, with all our staff as one mind. This is how Takashimaya evolves.