Wipro Consumer Care Vietnam

Địa chỉNo. 7 Street 4, Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

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  • Qui mô công ty: 5000
  • Loại hình hoạt động: 100% vốn nước ngoài
  • Website: https://wiprounzavncareer.com/

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Giới thiệu

Wipro Consumer Care is a subsidiary of Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting of Wipro Enterprise.

Wipro Enterprises Limited is headquartered in Bangalore, India, comprising of two main businesses namely Wipro Consumer Care and Wipro Infrastructure Engineering.

Wipro Consumer Care

Founded in 1945 as a Vegetable Oil Company, Wipro Consumer Care is one of the fastest growing FMCG companies in India.

It grew from Rs. 304 Cr to 5000 Cr in 2013-14 growing 16 times in last 13 years. Sales Revenue for FY 13-14 stood at US $ 837 Million.

Wipro Consumer Care has presence in 18 countries predominantly in SAARC, ASEAN, MENA regions and in the U K. It has 15 manufacturing units in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam and has a state of art R&D facilities in India and Malaysia. The company employees over 8500 people from 15 nationalities with women constituting 54% of the total work force.

Wipro Consumer Care has operated in Vietnam since 1996 and is the third largest non-paper personal care businesses in the market with annual double-digit growth and highly-appreciated brands such as Enchanteur, Romano and Izzi. Our vision is to become a leading international FMCG Company where people can develop and realize their potential while creating brands and products that inspires Vietnamese live.

Giá trị cốt lõi


690+ employees

154581787020181226 Factory+Office.png

1 Factory + 3 Offices


2 Channels GT & MT

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160,000 Stores


Top #3 in FMCG

Con người


A range of fine fragrance men’s toiletries for the urbanites who is self-assured of his success. He plays the game of life on his own terms and stay ahead in life. 


Enchanteur embodies elegance, modernity and femininity at its core with French fine fragrances, ranked at No.1 female shower gel, No. 2 female deodorant and the giftbox best-seller in Vietnam. 


Gervenne is a brand formulated specially for whitening skin and soothing fragrance, which helps to make skin whitening, smoothing and rejuvenating by Goat’s Milk extract & vitamin B3 together with 3 variants: + Fragrant: Warm and soothing perfume scent + Lily: Passionate and fresh scent + Purple Lily: Warm and attractive 


Royal Jelly contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins (B1,B2,B6,B12), abundant minerals and trace amount of carbohydrates and fats. It contains anti-bacterial properties, deeply nourishes the skin, and improves skin’s radiance, leaving it soft, smooth, fair and glowing with a feminine charm.

ATP is a coenzyme that stores the energy to support metabolism in our cells, improving micro-circulation to renew and repair skin. The natural production of ATP by the body dwindles with age, affecting skin’s metabolism. Clinically tested and proven to reduce visible wrinkles by 40% in 10 minutes, firm sagging skin and improve skin elasticity by 13%. Added with Bio Face-Lift, the new Extra Strength Face Lifting Cream gives you an extra V and extra lift.


Carrie Junior is a range of kids toiletries specially formulated with Fruito-E which is a natural combination of fruit Extracts. Fruito E is rich in vitamins and nurtients to help nourish and moisture baby's delicate skin. 


DASHING is designed for young men with superior functionality and masculine fragrance. The brand connects bros together to inspire, encourage and enjoy the life to the fullest.


EVERSOFT specializes in skin care products with Japanese technology, which is especially suitable for Asian skin. Eversoft is proudly trusted by consumers with its superior quality. Moreover, Eversoft with double content of pearl extracts and vitamin E helps to removes aging cells in your skin, accelerates your new skin's regeneration and nurture your perfect smooth white skin.


IZZI is a personal care brand for teen girls. With lovely scent, IZZI helps teen girls to be more feminine and attractive. 

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