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Ngân Hàng TMCP Phương Đông - OCB

IT - Junior/ Senior Data Scientist (Data Platform Transformation)

Ngân Hàng TMCP Phương Đông - OCB
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Mô tả Công việc

About the Role
We are seeking ML/AI Engineers to join our data platform team. This data platform team is part of a larger Digital Transformation center and works closely with an in-house team of business experts and functions across OCB. The data platform team is responsible for overseeing the design and development of our analytics infrastructure and systems to enable AI, automation, and innovative analytics. This team will be focusing on developing our advanced algorithms to make proven business impacts and developing any tools or processes required to do so.
The ML/AI Engineers will focus on building the Mlops/Dataops system and models to resolve the business problem and data-driven business purposes. Developing complex algorithms, and managing data-monetization funnels and people operations will be crucial in driving the organization's data strategy and enabling data-driven decision-making. He/she is also responsible for leading the development and launch of advanced algorithms. This role will require a strong understanding of Machine learning models, data technology, and MLOps systems. The ideal candidate will be able to work effectively with cross-functional teams to bring data-driven products to market.
Who We Want
Business maths experts: An outstanding math solver who can turn any business requirements into highly efficient algorithms.
Data translators: Highly effective communicators who can transform data findings into recommendations to compose reports and executive-level presentations.
Data Platform Builder: Build and maintain the MLOps system.
What You Will Do
- Build the data platform: MLops, DataOps, ….
- Deep dive in business problem to define the BRD, Detect the business problem, which are can solve by data problem.
- Support DE team to build the Data-lake/Datamart/DWH.
- Maintain and improve the Feature stores/ Data enrichment.
- Work with Analytics Architect and the Digital Transformation team to optimize engagement channels by data algorithms.
- Work with Analytics Architect to launch and measure the success of new products, gather feedback from stakeholders, and automate the optimization.
- Stay up to date on analytics trends.
- Build the model/advanced analytics to solve the business problem.
- Presenting and Delivery the output to clients: Business team, Operation team, others.

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

Who You Are
-  University Graduate, major: Computer Science, IT, Mathematics, or related fields.
-  Extremely indepth knowledge ML models: Supervised Learning (Regression, Logistic regression, Tree-based model and evaluation metrics), Unsupervised learning (K-means, Hierrachical, DBSCAN).
-  Strong SQL and Python/R/Scala.
-  MLops tools and techniques: Docker, Model versioning, registry, tracking (MLFlow), Data versioning (DVC), Observability (Prometheus/Grafana/ Arize AI).
-  Strong understanding of business architecture in analytics is a must (preferrable banking or ecommerce).
-  Strongly in Statistics, Probability, and Mathematics (Linear algebra and Geometry): Who can map business problems with the mathematics problem and resolution, not random apply.
-  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

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