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    Cạnh tranh

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    5 - 7 Năm

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    Phó Giám đốc

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Mô tả Công việc

I. Responsibilities

1. Academic leadership, management and implementation for our Integrated & Innovative pathways*

● Act as the educational leader for the corresponding area, responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of members of the Integrated and Innovative pathways’ faculty instructional and the non-instructional staff.

● Evaluate the efficacy of the relevant faculty members to meet the standards of the school, and external partners, through regular quality assurance checks of planning, teaching and learning.

● Participate in the observation of relevant instructional and non-instructional staff to inform professional development needs and to review and evaluate the academic programmes of study.

● Assigning and assigning personnel to specialised tasks, assigning replacements when needed.

● Monitoring the quality of programme implementation.

● Maintain regular interaction with internal departments and external agencies in programme management.

● Support in the development and execution of the School’s Development Plan according to the direction of the School Director, the Senior Leadership team, local authorities and the company.

● Assign and allocate personnel to specialised tasks, and assign covers when necessary.

● Approve teaching plans of teachers by week, month and term according to the direction of the School Director and Senior Leadership team.

● Supervise the implementation of the taught curriculum as followed by the timetable.

● Monitor the quality of curriculum implementation.

● Ensure direct collaboration and harmony with the leader and teachers of the International pathway.

● Maintain regular interaction with internal departments, local authorities and external agencies in curriculum management.

● Provide School Director and the Senior Leadership team all updates from the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the province’s Department of Education and Training.

2. Curriculum Development for the Integrated and Innovative pathways*

● Feedback to the School Director & Senior Leadership team on the application, implementation and development of the programmes and adjustments, modifications and upgrades to the pathways' curriculum and homeroom programmes, especially in regard to the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the province’s Department of Education and Training.

● Participate with the Senior Leadership team in building and developing new curricula and courses to align with the School’s and Company’s vision and mission.

● Research and propose new teaching and learning methods to suit the different student age groups.

● Support members of the faculty in understanding and implement the horizontal and vertical alignment of the curriculum.

3. Homeroom Duty for the Integrated and Innovative pathways*

● Plan, allocate and evaluate high-quality homeroom duties & activities every year.

● Plan and guide teachers on fulfilling their homeroom duties.

● Observe and monitor homeroom duty/teaching period.

4. Parent Communication for the Integrated and Innovative pathways*

● Organise regular parent meetings (i.e. PTCs, information workshops) according to the school’s calendar.

● Communicate and give feedback to parents about students' learning process, give suggestions and solutions to improve their children's learning situation effectively and appropriately, and ensure teachers do the same.

● Encourage the participation of parents, together with teachers, in the educational progress of children.

5. Recruitment and training of teachers for the Integrated and Innovative pathways*

● Make an annual teacher recruitment plan in conjunction with the School Director, Head of the International Programme and the rest of the Senior Leadership team.

● Coordinate with the School Director and HR & recruitment department to interview, screen, evaluate and select teacher & teaching assistant candidates.

● Plan and participate in new teacher induction training and regular training on knowledge, skills and methods for all teachers.

6. Student Assessment for the Integrated and Innovative pathways*

● Plan, with teachers, the content for student assessment.

● Direct the implementation and supervision of initial assessment and periodic assessment following school and the Ministry of Education and Training requirements.

● Synthesise and process evaluation reports.

● Propose plans to improve teaching effectiveness.

● Coordinate with the Registrar to process assessment results data & produce reports for stakeholders.

7. Observation and Teacher Evaluation for the Integrated and Innovative pathways*

● Conduct observations (both scheduled and unscheduled) and make a plan for professional development to develop and improve teachers’ teaching skills.

● Evaluate teachers according to the school evaluations processes.

8. Professional Tasks and Communication under the direction of the Vietnamese Department/Ministry of Education

● Follow and maintain good relationships with the Vietnamese MoET/DoET authorities and its representatives.

● Guide teachers of professional groups to implement the MoET curriculum according to the direction of the Department of Education and the Senior Leadership team.

● Prepare reports related to the curriculum to report to the Department/Ministry of Education.

● Attend seminars at all levels and meetings, as required/requested by the School Director.

9. Event Management for the Integrated and Innovative pathways*

● Support in developing ideas with the event committee.

● Participate in events as assigned.

● Allocate human resources and supervise the implementation of event programmes as assigned.

10. Manage student supervision outside of class hours for the Integrated and Innovative pathways*

● Coordinate with the other members of the Senior Leadership Team and Registrar to assign teachers to supervise students within the campus out of lesson time & after-school hours

● Guide and manage the teacher's supervision outside of lesson time & school hours

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

II. Requirement

1. Education

● Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy/Education. Master Degree is highly preferred. 

● Educational Leadership/Management Certificate.

2. Experience

● At least 7 years in Education in which at least 2-3 years as Vice Principal/Subject Leader and 5 years of teaching experience.

● Working experience in an  international or bilingual school is preferred.

● Proven track record of understanding different domestic (MOET) and international curriculums (Cambridge, Oxford, Fieldwork, IB, etc.).

3. Skills and Knowledge

● Able to use English competently at all 4 skills.

● Planning, Organisation and Leadership skills.

● Problem-solving skills.

● Communication skills and ability to create good relationships with students, teachers and parents.

● High sense of responsibility.

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