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Mô tả Công việc

  • Design, develop, and maintain scalable data pipelines and ETL processes to support data ingestion, transformation, and loading from various sources.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand data requirements and design efficient data models and schema for storage in data warehouses or other data storage solutions.
  • Optimize data workflows and processes to ensure high performance, reliability, and scalability of data infrastructure.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot data infrastructure to identify and resolve issues proactively, ensuring minimal disruption to data workflows.
  • Conduct performance tuning and optimization of database queries, data processing jobs, and data storage solutions for improved efficiency.
  • Stay updated on emerging technologies, tools, and trends in data engineering and recommend innovative solutions to enhance data capabilities and drive business value.
  • Document data architecture, processes, and workflows to facilitate knowledge sharing and ensure scalability and maintainability of data solutions.
  • Collaborate closely with data analysts to understand analytical requirements and provide support in data exploration, visualization, and interpretation to derive actionable insights for the business.

A professional and open working environment that values 5 core principles: "Smart - Honest- Brave- Friendly – Cooperative”

  • Working hours from Monday to Friday, with a 1-hour and 30-minute lunch break;
  • Friendly colleagues who prioritize the personal development of each individual;
  • A spacious and well-equipped office space to support your work;

Special Care for Employees

  • Competitive compensation package with attractive bonuses;
  • Variety allowance: lunch, mobile phone, business trip...;
  • Exclusive comprehensive health insurance benefits with SHBFC Care;
  • Annual health check-ups at top hospitals in Vietnam and statutory social insurance benefits as per state regulations;
  • Annual trips and team-building activities.

Focus on Personal Development Support

  • Receive guidance, mentorship, and career development support from talented and experienced management;
  • Opportunities to participate in major projects and be at the forefront of the consumer finance industry;
  • Policies to support educational activities, knowledge sharing, and cultural exchange (Training, Seminars, etc.).

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field.
  • Proven experience (3+ years) working as a data engineer, software engineer, or a related role, preferably in the finance or banking industry.
  • Strong proficiency in SQL and other programming languages such as Python, Java, or Scala, etc., with the ability to write efficient, clean, and maintainable code.
  • Solid understanding of database systems, data warehousing concepts, and proficiency in SQL databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server,...
  • Knowledge of data modeling principles and experience designing efficient data schemas for relational and non-relational databases.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex data-related issues.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills with the ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams and communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git and proficiency in Linux/Unix environments.
  • Continuous learning mindset with a willingness to stay updated on emerging technologies and best practices in data engineering and analytics.

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